The Air Conditioning Warranty

Request warranty

When a user asks us for a warranty on the air conditioner, we contact directly with the official brand. In some cases through a business platform, sometimes via email, and sometimes via telephone. It is then that a work order (WO) is generated. This WO includes all the data provided by the customer, i.e., what happens to the machine.

Of course, and this is important, we inform the customer before processing a warranty that if it is an installation fault, the technical service will charge some costs to the customer. In case the customer wants to request a warranty, depending on the brand, the customer will sign or not a document informing him about the procedure to open a work order. In 90% of the cases it is a document like the one shown below:

Therefore, it is very important that the company or installer that performed the installation checks the operation of the equipment to avoid unnecessary expenses.

The brand receives the notice

Once the brand receives the notice under warranty, it reviews all the information received in the document signed by the customer. If it is a notice with a fault that can be solved without the intervention of the technical service, the brand’s head office contacts the customer to explain everything and solve the problem.

If it is a more serious fault, the brand itself will contact the official company in charge of carrying out the work report opened by us and our customer. The company in charge will inform the customer of the date of the visit usually after 24-72 hours from receipt of the notice. From this point on, everything is in the hands of the official brand.

The technical service solves the problem

Once the brand’s normal deadline for technical intervention has elapsed, the technical service will go to the customer’s home or premises to fix the problem. But be careful, because several things can happen:

  • 1) The problem is solved on the spot.
  • 2) The problem requires ordering a replacement and you have to wait.
  • 3) The problem can NOT be solved and then the product is replaced 4) The product has NO fault, the technical service has gone for nothing and the customer pays the visit
  • 5) The product has an installation fault (and the same happens as in point 4).

But when is a customer covered, is he always covered? A customer is covered as long as the damage to the machine is from the factory and not from misuse. That is to say when the failure comes from the factory. Then you are always covered. But be careful, because then comes the confusion.

If you suspect that the appliance is not working properly and you have the service technician come and it turns out that the appliance is fineā€¦ you will have to pay for the visit. It is therefore very important that your installer checks everything before the service technician comes.

The fine print of the warranty

All warranties have exclusions and it is therefore very important to read the particular conditions of each brand. Here is an example: the warranty covers parts and labor as long as the accessibility is correct.

What does this mean? Imagine you buy an air conditioner and you install it in a place that is not very accessible. That is, you place the outdoor unit and you need a “boom” to lift it or a lifting platform or a technician with a harness. No service technician is going to go up to the area, take it down, repair it and bring it back up again. In this case, the customer will bear the cost of disassembling the outdoor unit with an outside company. Feel free to visit their web page to find out more tips and useful information about air conditioning installation.

Another example is when a customer requests an intervention and it turns out to be an installation failure. The technical service will charge the customer the travel expenses and if not paid, the customer will no longer have a warranty on the product and future products of the same brand.

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