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Pain is a sensory perception – just like people feel heat, cold or touch, they also perceive pain. Acute pain is an indication from the body that something is wrong at the moment. If the pain becomes independent and lasts for a long time, it can lose its warning characterContinue Reading

Chronic pain can be a consequence of malfunctions in the nervous system in which the nerve cells become hypersensitive. Conventional painkillers often do not help. However, chronic pain can be treated with non-drug treatments and special medications. Acute pain is pain that lasts from a few days to weeks, butContinue Reading

Pain is a sensation. The place where sensations are located is the soul. The soul is connected with the body and in it a unity with it. The physical organs for the perception of pain are the nerves. Everywhere in the body there are nerves, everywhere where there are nerves,Continue Reading