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There is no more strange as well as impressive substance than water. The description of its characteristics is concealed in its molecular and also intermolecular framework.

However, for us water is firstly the most crucial part of the human organism, giving the connection of the outer as well as the internal world, the transportation of the substances in between the cells and the organs. The water matches the primary medium of the metabolic procedure as it is a solvent of organic and also inorganic materials. The water creates a part of different systems of organic materials. For instance, each gram of glycogen (animal starch) consists of 1.5 ml of water, and also each gram of healthy protein contains 3 ml of water. Such frameworks as cell membrane layers, carrying fragments of blood, macromolecular, and also supramolecular frameworks are created with the help of water.

In the process of the metabolic process and the oxidation of the hydrogen, which creates a part of the substratum (healthy proteins, fats as well as carbs), endogenous “oxidation water” is produced, as well as its quantity relies on the species of disintegrating substrates and also the metabolic price. So, during the oxidation of 100 g of fat greater than 100 ml of fluid are developed, 100 g of healthy proteins – about 40 ml of water, and 100 g of carbohydrates – 55 ml of water. The surge of energy metabolism causes the sharp growth of the amount of endogenous water.

But endogenous water is not enough for the provision of water medium for metabolic processes, particularly the discharging in the liquified form of metabolic items. Especially, the surge of the intake of the healthy proteins and also specifically their last transformation in the area, which is eliminated from the organism with the pee, bring about the unavoidable development of the loss of water in the kidneys, which demands the heightened flux of water right into the organism. When passing to the carbohydrate diet with a little amount of common salt NaCl decreases the requirement of the organism in water.

The complete amount of fluid in the organism of a human depends upon its mass as well as standards of 38-42 liters. Its web content in various cells varies from 10% in the adipose tissue to 83-90% in the kidneys and blood. Over the years the amount of water in the microorganism is reduced, so as in the case of obesity. Ladies have much less water in the microorganism than men.

The water in the microorganism forms 2 water rooms: intracellular (2/3 of the entire water quantity) and also extracellular (the entire water volume). In pathology, there appears one more water space – water of the body cavities: stomach, pleural, etc. The extracellular water space includes 2 markets: 1) intravascular water market, i.e. blood plasma, the quantity of which has to do with 4-5 % of the body mass, and also 2) interstitial or intercellular water industry, having 1/4 of all the water of the organism (15% of the body mass). It is extra movable, transforming the volume if there is a redundancy or shortage in water. (Remember this peculiarity, we will return to it when discussing the mechanism of the “summer season” cleaning of joints). All the aqua in the organism is renewed roughly once a month and also in intercellular aqua space – once a week. (As well as this peculiarity is likewise very essential for the determination of the period of the “summer season” cleansings).

The repetitive inflow of water leads to its build-up if a couple of water is radiated, and this shift of the water equilibrium is called hyper hydration. In this instance, aqua is mostly built up in the interstitial aqua sector. The considerable hyperhydration declares itself in water drunkenness. Water intoxication can be complied with by the excitation of nerve cells and also the onset of muscle convulsions.

The faulty inflow or the repetitive excretion of water leads to the reduction of liquid rooms, most of the interstitial field. This is called dehydration. It can be complied with by the hemoconcentration, the worsening of its homes as well as irregularities of hemodynamics. The reduction of water in the organism to 20 % of the body mass results in a fatal outcome.

The system of regulation of the water equilibrium supplies the main life cycle: to start with, the upkeep of the consistency of the water volume in the organism, and secondly, the optimum circulation of water in between the aqua areas and also markets. The activity of kidneys, various other eliminative organs, drinking water usage, and also thirst has been described as the variables of the upkeep of relative aqua consistency.

The significance of water as a solvent is specifically essential because all the materials absorbable in the blood or the lymph are preliminarily dealt with in the water. The fluid transfers the nutrients to the cells and gets rid of decay items, which are removed from the organism by the kidneys and also sudoriferous glands.

Besides, the oxidation processes are advancing in the water, as well as oxidative malfunction very often happens with the addition of the water particle. Click here to find out more info on how to save on your water bill.

Additionally, the water takes part in the law of the body temperature: evaporating, it cools the body as well as reduces the temperature. The water secures from heat exhaustion in warm places, imaginable and also during long passages. Finally, the water enters the composition of the gastrointestinal juices, the liquids of the gastrointestinal system.

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