How to Burn Stomach Fat

To lose weight in shape, you must respect a simple principle: eat well in the morning and at lunchtime, and light in the evening. First of all, in the morning and at noon, the body needs energy, while in the evening it will store it. Then, a light dinner makes it easier to sleep. To make this step easier, take this magnetic meal calendar that hangs on your fridge to plan all your meals for the week in advance.

Also be careful with drinks

Alcohol seems harmless like that, but it’s full of sugar. So seriously limit your consumption if you want to deflate.
Banish sodas, full of sugars. You can consume light, but in moderation. Over-consumption can lead to laxative effects, and the consumption of this type of drink is also addictive to the sweet taste.

The extra tips to lose 10 kilos:

Use and abuse vegetables and fruit

Vegetables are completely at will! Low in calories, full of fibre and vitamins, they are also satisfying. On the other hand, take it easy on the fruit level. It is necessary to consume 2 or 3 per day, in various forms, but no more. Even if they are excellent for their shape, they are still sweet.

Beware of light products

0% products are good, but don’t rush into them with your head down. Look closely at the labels, they can be full of surprises. Few sugars, but addition of fat, or the opposite, without forgetting the additives in quantity, which induce in the end a very low caloric loss.

And the most dangerous thing: to say to yourself that because it’s lightweight, you can let go!

Find the will to lose weight

Lose weight and make the decision to diet, anyone can do it. It’s keeping your diet on track and not cracking that’s difficult! Here are 5 effective tips to keep the motivation to lose your extra pounds.

The hardest part of deciding to lose weight is not usually to start making efforts to change your bad eating habits, but rather to keep your motivation in the long term.

And yet, contrary to what we think, it’s not that difficult. Discover our tips to lose weight with ultra omega burn and find the will to go all the way to the end of your diet and succeed in achieving your goal!


Your neighbour, who weighed 100 kilos, now weighs only 50 kilos and you think you can do better than her? Be careful, don’t set the bar too high, otherwise you may quickly get discouraged. Especially since such a feat requires a lot, a lot of patience and time (ask your neighbour, she will tell you that her diet lasted several years!).


It’s the best way to lose morale. Indeed, it is enough for you to retain water to observe a variation of 1 to 2 kilos when in reality, it does not mean much. What counts during a diet is your waist size.


You can lose weight and have fun at the same time, as long as you don’t overdo it. Our advice: if you have a crazy craving for pizza generously topped with cheese, don’t take too much and eat slowly to give the satiety signal time to manifest itself (it usually takes 15 to 20 minutes).

This way, you will have enjoyed fully enjoying the taste of your pizza rather than restricting yourself and ending up frustrated, and it will give you more motivation to continue to pay attention to your figure.


Most of us need to be surrounded and guided to complete a weight loss. Moreover, you will admit that it is still more fun than doing physical exercises alone in front of the TV… and it is also more effective: taking a class given by a qualified sports coach ensures that you do the right movements and that you don’t risk hurting yourself (back, joints, muscles, etc.).

This way, we do the exercises more efficiently, so we burn more calories and since we avoid any risk of injury, we are more motivated to come back regularly to exercise.


Every time you make progress, give yourself a small reward. It could be anything, as long as you like it: a new accessory, a book, a massage session… You can also set money aside every time you take a step and then buy a bigger gift once you reach the final goal. When your goal is reached, you will have succeeded in losing weight while having fun! Pretty nice, huh?

The motivation to lose weight is something you maintain on a daily basis. And it’s even essential to lose weight, because there’s no point in paying attention to your figure for a day if you don’t want to have any more will and crack the next day. This would ruin all your efforts of the previous days and could even put you back on more weight than you lost. So keep these 5 tips in mind and stay motivated over the long term: it is the most important for effective, consistent and lasting weight loss.

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