Android gaming in the future

This is how we will play in five years time.

The video game industry is always on the move and publishers, hardware manufacturers and developer studios are always thinking about how to get gamers on their side. Android is also doing a lot of gaming and after taking a deep look into summoners war toa I can at least predict with medium certainty how we will play in the next five years.

The most beautiful games for Android

Top graphics guaranteed! These Android games use the Unreal Engine 4
No one will be surprised that in five years the graphics on Android tablets and Android smartphones will also look better than they do now. The exciting question is: How good do games for Android look in the foreseeable future compared to titles for PC and consoles? It’s highly unlikely that there will be an approximation, but the differences may be smaller. This has to do with the new Android devices, which simply have more power than current Android tablets and Android smartphones.

Especially the new Shield Tbalet with its powerful chip Tegra X1 offers enough resources to run complex designed games on the tablet without jolts. The GPU chip “PowerVR GT7900” also makes you sit up and take notice, which comes up with “16 clusters, 512 aluminum cores” and which according to the manufacturer Imagination is stronger than the laptop graphics chip GeForce 730M. This chip, which can probably only be found in Android tablets in 2016, has at least more performance than the chips built into Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

As more and more Android games use the Unreal Engine 4 and the Unity 5 Engine, the future looks bright for Android gamers. Let’s hope that you don’t have to dig too deep into your pocket for the upcoming graphics splendour.

Major publishers and developers are also represented with some games in the Google Play Store, but many well-known manufacturers still hold back elegantly. This could change in the years to come, with Nintendo perhaps playing a pioneering role. It is not known what made the traditional Japanese manufacturer to soon release games for Android smartphones and Android tablets together with DeNa. The rather modest success of the Wii U has certainly contributed a lot to this decision, but Big N also sees the opening up of the Android games market as a good opportunity to earn a lot of money with mobile games.

The chances of success are at least not bad, because every gamer knows Mario & Co. and a well-known game brand is more likely to be used than a title from an unknown manufacturer. If Nintendo is successful with its games, there will certainly be more publishers following suit, and in the coming years Android games with Kratos or the Master Chief may also appear.

Whether the game console will still exist in its current form in ten years’ time can be argued about for hours. But maybe in five years’ time we’ll just buy a small box for a few euros, connect it to the Internet and stream games in top graphics to our screen, TV, tablet or smartphone. What’s now normal for movies (N

Netflix, Amazon Instant Video…) is also finding its way onto the PC and the console. Sony is already offering a streaming service in the USA with PlayStation Now, with which PS3 games can be streamed to PlayStation devices. This service will soon be available in Europe.

The download to the hard disk will therefore be replaced more and more by streaming services and in the course of this more and more subscription model will find its way into our “games household”. For a certain amount the Android gamer gets access from a number of games, which he can play as long as he is registered with this streaming service. Of course, this only makes sense with high-quality games or titles that cost something.

Soon Nvidia is pushing in this direction with the Android console “Shield”, which will offer two subscription models at the same time. In the cheaper version there will only be games with a resolution of 720p, the slightly more expensive version offers games that support 1080p at 60 FPS. Titles such as Batman: Arkham Knight and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will also be available there.

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