iclick Photobooth is the first all-round service portal by and with experts on all topics that help us to lead a fulfilled, healthy and happy life.

Learning to take responsibility

iclick Photobooth would like to share the versatile wealth of experience for a better life from our expert areas Yoga and Mindfulness, Fitness and Health as well as World and Consciousness. We are driven by the insight that an independent and individual self-management can be the pathfinder for more satisfaction and well-being. With our collected knowledge from alternative medical, psychological, nutritional-scientific or spiritual areas of life, we would like to contribute to working with personal responsibility on daily happiness.

Daily life companion

iclick Photobooth would like to help you to look positively and openly at the world, and to be a daily companion for interested people who want to use the abundance of their own design possibilities. iclick Photobooth, whether online or mobile, gives you access to knowledge, suitable offers and products that can improve your life. We give you around the clock and everywhere callable tools to the hand, in order to tackle independently and self-determined the most important topics of the life. This is how happiness becomes feasible.


iclick Photobooth wants to inspire and motivate for personal development. In order to enjoy life in its fullness, we must remain open to inspiration. In this way we can recognize how we can be, become or remain happy and satisfied.

Live more consciously

iclick Photobooth wants to encourage people to lead a more sustainable, conscious and healthy life by selecting themes, offers and products. For us, mindfulness and a conscious lifestyle are the key to a resource-conserving approach to our environment and ourselves.

Sharing experience and knowledge

iclick Photobooth works with a large pool of experts. They have a unique wealth of experience in health, fitness and sports, yoga and mindfulness, psychology and coaching and nutrition. They are scientists, doctors, psychologists, philosophers, coaches, trainers, teachers, consultants, journalists, writers and enthusiasts. We want to share our extensive knowledge and experience with our users.

iclick Photobooth team

We, too, want to consciously live better out of conviction and take our happiness into our own hands. Each of us is a consciously living human being in his own way. Because there is no standard recipe for happiness and health. With iclick Photobooth we want to share our knowledge and offer as many people as possible practicable ways to a fulfilled life.

Deana Hundt – Managing Partner

Deana Hundt is the managing partner of iclick Photobooth. He studied law in Marburg and Cologne. He then completed a Master’s degree at the ESCP Europe Business School in Berlin and London. From there, his path led him into the world of creative agencies. He worked for both international networks and owner-managed agencies in the fields of communications strategy, brand consulting, new business and business development.

Deana has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 2008. Fascinated by the potential that yoga offers to people in our society, he decided in 2009 to complete a three-and-a-half year training course at the AYW in Cologne. In 2012 he travelled for the first time to Mysore, India, to study at the K Patthabi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI), the source of Ashtanga Yoga. Since this 3 month stay he returns annually to Mysore for several months to practice at KPJAYI. In October 2016 Deana received the authorization (Level 1) to teach Ashtanga Yoga from his teacher Sharath Jois, the grandson of K Patthabi Jois. He thus belongs to a small circle of Ashtanga Yoga teachers in Germany who have received this direct permission from KPJAYI. Find out more about Deana here.