Instagram & Twitter Hashtag Printing

Hashtag Instagram and Twitter Event Printing is the modern world version of the disposable camera, with the added benefits of beautifying Instagram filters and branded print designs.

Guests can simply: Click. Tag. Print.

Ideal for marketing and branding, our hashtag print station scans the cloud for images from Instagram featuring the hashtag you create for your event. Those images are instantly loaded onto the print station computer installed at your event where guests can click print, and get their snapshots of the night beautifully personalized with your brand, logo, or slogan on the print design.

Another added option is the Instagram or Twitter Wall, where all images with the unique event tag are instantly printed and placed upon the wall. This allows guest to easily find and take their image at their convenience

So how does this all work?

Click: Guest use their own camera devices, and become the photo booth!
Tag: Guests upload the images they capture to Instagram and tag with the unique hashtag from your event. (i.e. #youreventhere)
Print: Guest can then head to your mobile print station, select their image and click print!