GIF Photo Booth

Want to reinvent how you booth entirely? Now you can offer the world a highly popular GIF Photo Booth. We offer two distinct styles of GIF.

The first is a stop-motion GIF which is similar to a mini movie comprised of four rapid shot still-frame images. These mini movies are usually about 6 seconds long and can be shared via social media and email. The four images are printed still frames from each session so that guests have a tangible souvenir to keep.

The second is our stereoscope GIF. This is a revolutionary 3D style GIF comprised of three shots firing simultaneously from three cameras. This system causes a “wrap around” effect, or as we like to call it “the Matrix effect.” This can be done against any background and can even be paired with green screen to transport your guests in a whole new world!

This is a highly innovative tool to help you reach a new and in-demand market. This booth option is remarkably fun and fast paced.

Boomerang Burst GIF